Meet Markoon Dugally. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he has a background in art, architecture and custom vehicle building. Not surprising that his 18+ years tattooing, mixed with his tool belt of other skills led him to become the leader in mobile and vehicular tattoo studios. His relocation to Portland in 2018 fueled his fire to create something special and weird for a place with such shared adjectives.

“When I set my mind to do a project, I go all in. People say I think outside the box, but to me, I dont know why we would want the box in the first place.” says Markoon. He gets that knickname from his raccoon-like ways he goes about building things. Recycled materials, upcycling and found objects are the foundation of most of his work. Tight budgets and intense time constraints are how he works best to make fun and sustainable creations. You can see more of his personal work, custom motorcycles and odd art at www.dugallery.com

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