Tattoo by Markoon Dugally; a tiger whose tail is a thick twisting vine, with red and black ink spots
Sharpie the Cat, all black with green eyes
Markoon at his shop with welding visor flipped up, revealing his surprised face
The original INKBUS, India, parked at the old Rainbow City, Portland, OR -- plus snow!


In 2016 L.A. native Markoon Dugally was in love with his life as a tattoo artist, but completely over the stifling nature of a brick and mortar store front. Inspiration struct, and various artistic disciplines collide as Markoon pulled from the collected experiences and learnings of his many creative endeavors to birth what is now the original INKBUS. Little did he suspect at that time a niche was also waiting to be filled: Impulse Tattoos. The scene was set — the bus was approachable, the intimidation-factor was low, the designs were juicy — and people flocked to him in droves, many for their first tattoo.

Seven yeas later, INKBUS Tattoo is now a school bus-based tattoo company slinging ink and nostalgic experiences to the masses. Both static and mobile buses reside under the umbrella of the growing INKBUS brand. Be on the lookout for our signature purple buses at your local hotspots and events as this Portland based company expands into a city near you.

Book a mobile tattoo bus today for your next big celebration, or come join us at one of our epic parties anchored by a static bus. We'll keep the ink warm for you…