Located in the heart of Southeast Portland, INKBUS Island re-imagines the backyard of Urbanite Home and Accessory Superstore into an island paradise of outsider art, curated music, and body illustration.

Welcome to Big Tom, the flagship Storefront Bus from the kind folks at INKBUS Tattoo, and Bus #2 in an expanding vintage Nursery collection. Step inside this fully renovated 1993 Thomas ten-window, and enjoy two comfortable tattoo stations hosting a variety of artists at our 1st and 3rd Fridays SHENANIGANZA night market parties, or drop-in at various time slots throughout the week for custom work and flash.

Please visit our Artist Bookings page for Event Calendar and current Featured Artists, as this unique new venue blossoms to life in 2023. We are planning and scheming a multitude of entertainment and artists-focused events in the coming months, plus coming in 2024: INKBUS Tattoo Conventions. Specializing in friendship tattoos, group matching tattoos, that one piece of flash to complete that one spot, and your first tattoo — all in a fun, low-pressure setting of music and art.

We hope you’ll check back in for more hyjinx, and then join us by for an evening of eclectic music, great hand-crafted gear, food and drink, plus collect your new piece of artwork from featured artists at Big Tom. Welcome to your new favorite tattoo shop.

* Custom work subject to availability and may require a scheduled appointment.