Inner Portrait: Collaborative Body Art Soul Magic

With his self-styled Inner Portraits, Markoon does something very unique in defining a new type of tattooing ethos: Through a very specific system -- grounded in Markoon’s lifetime of artistry and skirting of cosmic realms -- he has developed a process to amplify an innate sense of who you are, which then emerges as a most custom body art design.

About the Process: Typically full color pieces with zero to minimal black work, an Inner Portrait starts with a journaling exercise. Dive into lovingly composed clarifying questionnaire, then collect the recommend items for the journey: a talisman or personal object for yourself that Markoon will hold while crafting your artwork (to link your intention to this experience), and a playlist of your most inspirational music to accompany the creative process through your custom piece. A scheduled one-on-one consult is also offered.

From there, Markoon creates an abstract ‘kit-of-parts’ that is unique to your request. (He also has been delving into ’Spirit Animal’ or Animalia versions of the same process, if that is more your speed.) You will then work together to assemble the parts in an aesthetically pleasing manner, on the part of your body where it will reside permanently. As a final personal touch, and further way for you to have your own hand in your own art, work with Markoon in selecting your color palette, with as much or little guidance as desired. If this level of collaboration is for you, the Inner Portrait process has proven to be a very powerful way to honor the soul and power of your living canvas.

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